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Posted by The Body Rampant on Monday, April 20, 2015


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"With choruses bigger than sasquatch on steroids these guys do everything a good pop rock band should and a whole lot more"

-Music Week

"The Body Rampant is most definitely a legit under-the-radar contender and a band to be taken seriously in the months to come."

-Absolute Punk

"The band are determined to make a name for themselves because of their heavy pop music, not their looks"


"Dirtnap is a fantastic opener with nice guitar leads and melodic pop melodies"


"A series of minutely crafted mini-epics that revolve around a single bonkers concept"

-Rock Sound

"The Body Rampant is doing it the old fashioned way, through hard work and dedication. working effortlessly to make sure as many people as possible are able to hear their music."

-The Punk Site

"Includes some air drumming and head nodding worth tracks, but has a darker angle"

-Big Cheese

"The Body Rampant are one of those legitimately solid, legitimately underground bands that have managed to build their community from the ground-up, based solely on the strength of their songs."


"Solid, breathtaking, driving and frenetic music that embraces your senses"

-Daily Unsigned

"This Los Angeles-based rock group brings a unique energy that can’t be touched by most and are on the heels of breaking into the mainstream."

-Under The Gun Review

"The Body Rampant have a spark that not many modern rock bands can harness."

-Independent Clauses

"With an image that looks like something out of a horror film, The Body Rampant have been catching a lot of attention in their hometown of Los Angeles."

-Jedidiah Clothing

"The quintet always offers a spectacle with its live show."

-Relix Magazine

"The Body Rampant should not be taken lightly, as they are serious contenders in their genre(s). Great guitar work, perfect melodies, and downright good anthems."

-Oh So Fresh! Music

"The band plays a swift, turbulent mix of fantastic guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and pacing drum beats. There's a little something for everyone here."

-Muzik Dizcovery

"Casey Bates produced it - he's helped bring out the best in progressively melodic bands like Gatsby's American Dream and Portugal. The Man. He seems to do the same for The Body Rampant"

-Punk News

"With wall-to-wall guitars, piercing vocals, and a driving rhythm section, they are all that is best of the genre(s) they call home."

-Interactive Live

"With its lively and amiable hard rocking drums and distorted guitars, this song will shake up your Monday morning with splendor."

-Eat Sleep Breathe Music

"If you've been wanting a trip back in time when scene music had a harder edge and the vocals were distinct then The Body Rampant may be who you’re looking for."

-The Album Project

"The Body Rampant had one of the best performances I had caught at SXSW this year. I wouldn't be surprised to see them on Warped Tour this year or next."

-Island Waves

"The Body Rampant is a musical project that toes the line of many genres. Sometimes coming across as jagged, while at others soft, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what box their sound belongs in.."


"The music of The Body Rampant is impressive and intelligent, the songs are well crafted and varied, what's not to like?"

-Cat On The Wall

"If you're a fan of modern rock with a pop edge, The Body Rampant should be on your list to check out.."

-Independent Clauses

"As a fairly new band, it’s incredible that they are so tight in their playing, with thrash riffs and pop melodies slipping seamlessly between one another while singer J.M. Lopez screams, wails, and even whispers over the top of everything"

- Alt Sounds

"Everyone should check out The Body Rampant. They remind me of good music times"

- The Gunz Show

"The Body Rampant falls somewhere between a mash-up of Further Seems Forever and Deftones"

-La Loud LA Lewd